01. Katie [worships] her big brother, and follows him everywhere around the house.
02. They go to church every Sunday to [worship] their god.
03. Their family business is closed on days of [worship].
04. A group of Jews [worshipping] at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem were gunned down by terrorists today.
05. Friday is considered a day of [worship] for their religion.
06. The city of Homs in Syria was once the center of [worship] of Baal, a sun god of ancient times.
07. In ancient Egypt, onions were considered an object of [worship], and symbolized eternal life.
08. At the age of 13, St. Agnes was beheaded in Rome because she would not [worship] the goddess Minerva.
09. In one Czechoslovakian church there is a chandelier made of human bones, the remains of former [worshippers].
10. Actress Ingrid Bergman once said, "Be yourself. The world [worships] the original."
11. There is a Jewish proverb which holds that hospitality is one form of [worship].
12. Until 313 A.D., Christians had to [worship] in private homes.
13. Arthur C. Clarke once suggested that it may be that our role on this planet is not to [worship] God, but to create him.
14. The Constitution of Jordan guarantees freedom of [worship] of all religions.
15. Spirit [worship] is the dominant belief of many of the hill tribe peoples of Laos.
16. The Mayan Indians regarded the jaguar as a symbol of power, and [worshipped] the animal as a god.
17. Maria Lionza is a goddess of nature and fertility, and is a popular object of [worship] in Venezuela.
18. Every June, thousands of New Age sun [worshippers] flock to Stonehenge for the summer solstice.
19. Man has learned a great deal about the moon since the days when ancient man [worshipped] it as a goddess who ruled the night.
20. Someone once suggested that only a self-educated man truly [worships] his teacher.
21. In the early Christian church, instrumental music was excluded from public [worship] because it was not seen to open the mind to Christian teachings.
22. John Calvin and other Protestant leaders of his time were distrustful of art in [worship] and prohibited the singing of all but biblical texts in church.

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